Bjoern Schmitz

Bjoern Schmitz

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First Name * Bjoern
Last Name * Schmitz
Username * Vampyrangel
Country * Germany
City Bonn
Nationality German
Languages EnglishGerman



Availability: Freelance


On the 3rd of November, 1976 he was born. During my 10-year-old school visit the abilities develop. To form the grounding in the representation of perspective objects, as well as this really with the pencil, i learnt quite early from my father.

From 12th year old the autodidactic way within my artist creating begins: I develops own style direction in the pencil and coloured pencil drawing, with pastel chalks, then watercolour painting and oil painting and own technics pair off with quick success. From 1994 the entrance occurs in the fantasy painting. Interested customers order the first Arts. In 1996 the first illustration orders take place for different magazines.

After inspirations by artists like Luis Royo and Boris Vallejo the oil painting matures with great steps to perfection. In search of effects Luis Royo use in his pictures, my attention is drawn to the area of the airbrush art. From 1997 occur the first attempts to perfect the available skill with the airbrush technology. There follow the first works which reach after a short time such a big order volume that the work is not to be mastered almost any more.

1999 - 2003 illustration of the books "Indian of the Plains", "Vocal Tradition" and "Mandan".
Since 2003 the PC permits the creation of websites, picture treatment, as well as figure creation. Thus it is to be created possibly a high customer standard for commissioned works.

In 2004 i joined to the artist's group "Quadro solo". With this group an international breakthrough, by the creation of an X-mas-calendar succeeded for the chocolat producer Coppeneur. This was published on international fairs.

In 2005 i turns to the way of the free lance artist. I separates from the artist's group "Quadro solo" and frees myself of creatively fixing relations in my life to devote myself completely to the creativity.

A new way of the creative consciousness gives me the opportunity to sink more freely and more without fact into the depths of my creative spirit and to realise this on the canvas. The quality of the works improves in a new style and a new line.

From 2006 - in 2007 he teaches in the Rhein-Sieg art academy in Hennef the study accompanying field Airbrush.


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